Biodynamic farming technology was introduced in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, who also created the Waldorf teaching method as well as the field of anthroposophy. In a time when organic farmers had been lured away from traditional farming techniques to adopt phosphate and urea-based industrial fertilizers, and were seeing their yields decline, Rudolf Steiner responded to their pleas for help by introducing a series of "Biodynamic techniques" that he claimed restored the intrinsic connections among the farmer, the land, the crops, and the elemental forces of nature. For nearly 100 years, these techniques have been adopted, practiced, proven, and improved upon to increase yields, decrease interference from weeds and pests, and decrease dependency on fertilizers.

In the introductory lecture, attendees will learn the basic philosophy and techniques of modern biodynamic farming and upon completion will have an opportunity on the Spring Equinox to participate in a hands-on harvesting of biodynamic preparations at Mindful Earth Farm in Ashland.

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