By Anna McAvoy-Emrick

An exciting development in the state of Michigan in 2020 has been the formation of a new biodynamic regional group! Over fifty people have signed up as part of the group’s communication list, and each of two virtual meetings have included 8-10 people, bringing new life to biodynamic practice in Michigan.

The idea to form a group in Michigan came about at the 2019 Biodynamic Conference, where a handful of Michiganders dreamed together about a supportive network for local biodynamic learning and hands-on application. From there, a small group brought these ideas into fruition and contacted people known to reside in Michigan and already active with biodynamics. 

The initial meeting was scheduled to take place in person in late April, which was then canceled due to the pandemic. In June, the first virtual meeting brought members together to introduce themselves and discuss ideas for what was desired from the group meetings and how to accomplish that together. We decided on monthly virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. At our July meeting, we checked in with everyone’s comfort level with in person meetings for the remainder of 2020, and confirmed that our virtual meetings will continue until there is considerable progress in the public health of the US. With that in mind, we decided to move forward by studying Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture lectures together in the coming months. Starting in August with the Introductory Lecture, the group will discuss one lecture each month, in addition to regular check-ins about each attendee’s personal and farm/garden wellbeing.

There is a lot of energy coming into this new group from each member, and wonderful ideas about how we can grow and learn together. We really look forward to a future day when we can come together in person, on farms, to stir and apply preparations and hold workshops and conversations. Until then, we are excited to get to know one another and virtually learn together about Steiner’s teachings and the practical application of biodynamics in Michigan.

We welcome new members from Michigan or surrounding states anytime. Email Anna at greeceypants to request being added to the email list.

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