Where Biodynamics Meets Plant Medicine

By Maria Grusauskas: The sun breaks through the coastal fog around 10:30 a.m., and the rows of herbs growing at Blossoms Farm are suddenly drenched in golden heat. Blossom's, an herb farm in Corralitos, California, is complete with pigs, Scottish highland cows, chickens, ducks, a compost (the digestive system of the farm), and a “skin” around its perimeter of oaks and eucalyptus.

The Flowering of the Universe

By Delmar McComb: When studying the natural world, one soon becomes conscious of the fact that metamorphic and evolutionary processes are occurring all the time at every level of creation.

A Mid-Winter Festival

By Megan Durney, Pfeiffer Center There is a special quality about the mid-winter time of year, between January 15 th and February 15 th . Here on the East Coast, we try our best to imagine the next season’s beauty and bounty during...