By Osiris Abrego Plata

Dear friends in community, 

I am honored and humbled to serve the unification process of the Biodynamic Association and Demeter USA in collaboration with my colleague David Byrnes. Continuing this meaningful work is a commitment that we take on with great appreciation to those who have helped weave this vision together with thoughtful and heartfelt intent.

This journey involving us all has many threaded events and stories, however, the unification has been informed and influenced most recently by the Council of Biodynamic Organizations (CBO) during a year-and-a-half process that led to a proposal for the creation of a new, integrated entity that will support the health of the of the entire biodynamic ecosystem through the unification of both organizations. In April of 2020, the Boards of the BDA and Demeter voted to unify for a new collaborative future for biodynamics in the US. And thus the unification process began.

In the midst of this work, we pause to acknowledge the transition of a dear friend and leader, Thea Maria Carlson, to whom much of this work can be credited. Amongst many achievements, Thea has courageously been voice to the biodynamic community creating bridges in the world, shepherding the BDA community as well as stewarding the vision of a newly emerging biodynamic organization as the driver of the community process and as a member of the CBO. We see a path full of light for Thea in her new endeavors, and look forward to a future of supportive collaboration.

A literal definition of “unification” might simply convey a merger of the activity of Demeter USA and the BDA. However, what is being brought together is certainly much more. We therefore ask all to give space and imagination to this process, and to hold the space for its emergence, which will undoubtedly engage us in different ways. We must acknowledge the staff of the BDA and Demeter USA in their optimism and will for growth and change, as well as the Boards of both organizations for contributing insight and thoughtfulness in decision making. We are most grateful to the community that continues to voice their diverse needs, while continuing to provide generous support and continuity in our collective learning

David and I are tasked with holding many streams of work related to unification: legal, accounting, finance, organizational architecture, change management, and representation of the integrity of our community. We seek to enhance the capacity of the biodynamic movement in the United States and to serve an ever-growing community. We see growth and diversified offerings in the intersections of both organizations—from education to the certification work, the clarification and amplification of the biodynamic message, and supporting and bringing forward a community-supported market space—while continuing to explore how our standards and systems can become even more empowering and fulfilling for biodynamic land stewards.

As someone who has experienced a gesture of welcome and belonging within the biodynamic community, I put trust in our active participation, and I hope that we all see ourselves woven into this work moving forward.


Osiris Abrego Plata 
Interim Leadership Team

David and Osiris can be reached by email:

Feel free to reach out with comments or questions.

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