Biodynamic and community living workshop in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador July 7th through 13th


Finca Sagrada, in the beautiful mountains of southern Ecuador, is a small community that believes that people again desire to live in a sustainable way in community and in harmony with the earth.  


To share this with others, Finca Sagrada will give a six day workshop, where we will weave, through ceremony, classes and private time, how you can manifest this dream. 

You will experience how the members of the Finca Sagrada community steward this sacred site, combining ancient indigenous traditions with modern esoteric knowledge based on biodynamic farming.

In the mornings you will learn how to build vibrant soils that will grow healthy food. In addition to the Biodynamic preparations, we will use techniques such as bio-char, tea sprays and bacterial inoculations.

In the afternoons there will be lectures on biodynamic principles.

These principles include the biodynamic preparations that open the soil to the spiritual formative forces of the stars and planets. You will be working with the planting calendar, based on the moon moving through the constellations of the zodiac and working with the elemental and nature spirits of the landscape.


To learn more about Finca Sagrada and the workshop please go to this link.


This spring and summer Finca Sagrada will be giving additional workshops and events.  For our full itinerary please go to our website.

Event Details
International - outside North America
Finca Sagrada
07/07/2024 to 07/13/2024