Chesapeake BioDynamic Network


The Chesapeake BioDynamic Network of Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia,

West Virginia, and Delaware announces the 'Peace Meal' Talk at

11:30am Saturday April 1 at the Shanti Yoga Center 'School of Life'

located at 4217 East-West Highway in Bethesda, MD

'The Spiritual Nature of the Plant'

A talk by Biodynamic Farmer Stewart Lundy Eastern Vedic Concepts meet Western Anthroposophical Concepts

Stewart Lundy, along with his partner and wife, Natalie, farms 50 acres of land on a tiny peninsula in rural Virginia.

For the past decade he has practiced biodynamics, and for the past eight years he has made and applied the biodynamic preparations.

Stewart also works for The Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Bio-Dynamics. In his free time he is an active esoteric researcher, amateur alchemist, and practicing herbalist, experimenting with a wide range of innovations on the farm.

According to both Vedic and Western spiritual science, the human body is a microcosm of the universe, and every part of nature is continually revealing the spiritual laws that underlie creation. In this talk we will hear how the life cycle of plants corresponds with stages of development in the human soul, and how what we eat can impact our spiritual being and evolution. These concepts have great ramifications for how mankind can restore harmony with nature, and eventually attain our divine potential.


We offer a home-made, hot organic meal at no charge, and the opportunity to hear an inspiring speaker on a topic relating to Peace.

11:30: Meet and Greet
11:45 Traditional Vedic Blessing of the Food
12:00 Talk begins and goes for about one hour followed by Q & A

*Donations welcomed for the Talk by Stewart Lundy

*Stella Natura Biodynamic Planting Calendar will also be available to order from the Chesapeake BioDynamic Network

Much thanks to the Anthroposophical Society of Greater Washington

and the The School of Life- Biodynamic Spiritual Foods CSA

for sponsoring this special talk by Biodynamic Farmer Stewart Lundy

Further info contact: &

Mjudge2000@gmail .com

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East Coast
Community Event
Bethesda , MD