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More references can be found by searching Organic EPrints, Biodynamic-Research.netGoogle Scholar and other websites. References from the earlier literature can be found in the Literature Cited section of Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture (Creeger-Gardner translation 1993).

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Full Citation Keywords
Light yam; light root; Dioscorea batatas; Chinese yam
Dioscorea batatas; wild yam
atomic; barrel compost; nuclear; radiation; radioactivity
auxin-like activity; biodynamic agriculture; biostimulants; horn manure; Preparation 500
abiogenesis; biogenic sediments; biomineralisation; chemical evolution; early earth; extremophiles; formation of the earth; formation of the moon.; new way of planet formation; paleoclimate; pangea; Protoplanetary disk
biodynamic; C-CPMAS NMR; Lignin; Thermochemolysis
agricultural course; agriculture course; bio-dynamic agriculture; biodynamic farming; biodynamic gardening; biodynamics; Ehrenfried Pfeiffer; Kobierzyce; organic agriculture; Poland; Rudolf Steiner
Agricultural Research Circle; biodynamic farming; Count Carl von Keyserlingk; Ehrenfried Pfeiffer; experiment; Kobierzyce; Poland
alternative; biodynamic; efficacy; herbs; manure; materials
Soil pH; Forage quality; Biodynamic preparations; Sustainable pasture management
Busscher, N., Kahl, J., & Ploeger, A.. (2011). The bio-crystallization method as a new indicator for organic food-quality. In First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research. Prague, Czech Republic: Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague. Retrieved from http://www.fqh2011.org/book-abstracts.html?L=0
bio-crystallization; pattern; picture forming methods; self organization
biocrystallization; picture forming methods
Biodynamic; organic; compost; lettuce; light absorption; nitrate; protein; silica