Opening the 2018 Biodynamic Conference

Thea Maria Carlson speaking at the 2018 Biodynamic Conference
By Thea Maria Carlson: For transformation to happen, we need courage. Courage to step outside our comfort zones. Courage to keep going when we hit the rough spots. Courage to risk who we thought we were and what we thought we knew. And courage comes from the heart.

In Memory of Peter Proctor

By Ted Lemon: With Peter’s passing, the biodynamic community loses one of the key keepers of the biodynamic flame during the period after World War II.

Who is Victor Kubia? - A Farming Revolution in Cameroon

By Andrew Toothacker Arriving within a week of one another, Victor Kubia and I came to study biodynamics at the Pfeiffer Center in September of 2015. It isn’t enough to say that we come from very contrasting life situations: Victor...