Biodynamic and Watter Workshop

        Sunday    April 2nd                 3:00pm- 8:00pm

At: Treehouse for Earth's Children 22906 Mooney St

in Farmington Michigan 248-473-0624

RSVP by March 31st

            $50.00  person or $90.00  couple


   Biodynamic preps and Stella Natura calendar for sale 

Buy all 6 packs 10% disc.   

(Ruby silica, bioorgone oilgio dynamic prep, dilute of Earth/cosmic elements, compost activator, horn manure, horsetail)

Learn about Cosmic and Earthly influences.

Learn to strengthen your Environment!

Help produce beneficial bacteria right in your own home and backyard.

Learn about odic energy bringing dead nutrients to alive nutrients.

Vortex and Victor Schaubergers composting.

Flow form watter forces like force of Nature.

Neptunes watter force using bioorgone ogiodynamic preps

Learn chromatography and its patterns.

How to use biodynamic and bioorgone oligiodynamic preps

How remove DOR (dead orgone energy) and replace with life energy.

Event Details
Community Event
Farmington , MI