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Remediation strategies based on Biodynamics - Spread of so called fungal, bacterial, viral etc. diseases

In many parts of the world farm assets, especially lignin, wooden plants, are under attack by decaying processes.The "classical", established perception sees causes in fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects etc. and uses strategies to "combat" these "causes".Which, as being a differential and not an integral strategy creates other ripples, that is more and other, different "diseases".

Provided an enhanced perception of nature and "her" requirements, that is the farm's individuality, can be developed, the individual is capable of developing and applying proper remedies.According to my work experience on remediation and soil health restoration the biodynamics approach which impulsates natural processes accordingly is definitely capable to solve issues properly.

However, "two times 500 and two times 501" is not the way to become a successful trustee for nature's current and future requirements.Acutally, it never was, but the environmental conditions changed so much for the worse that a more distinct methodology, based on situative perception and situative action, is required.

My experience has led me through numbers of farms on different continents where "biodynamics -alledgedly- did not work anymore", not because biodynamics might have lost ist power, but for lack of understanding to facilitate and deploy the required actions.

I am looking for cooperation with larger scale operation farms or investors who took over objects which have a low yield of performance to restore performance and create top quality produce from -to be established- resilient structures.

Emphasis could be on olive, coffee, cocao, tea, pistacio or prunus gen. production, just to name few, or larger scale landscape restoration projects aiming for establishment of general farming concepts (non monocultural, diversity based approaches), worldwide.

Biodynamics is the agriculture of tomorrow, as it was understood already many, many decades ago.

In case of interest please send an email to bd@vibrotec.ws to initiate communication.

Greetings, Alexander.

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