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Internship with Room + Board at Pack River Farm in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho

Pack River Farm Internship 2022


“Know your farmer better than your doctor”.


Pack River Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable and medicinal herb farm in northern Idaho. We distribute our produce and microgreens to local restaurants, grocery stores, and direct to consumers via our CSA program and farmers markets. Pack River Farm is also home to Black Bear Herbary, we grow and maintain a variety of medicinal herbs that allow us to further support our community. It is important to us that all food is grown with respect for our planet, we achieve this by focusing on our soil microbiome which in turn allows us to enrich, re-mineralize, and heal the earth we grow on so that future generations can be allowed to enjoy the beauty that is farming. By following all of these principles of the land, animals, and plants we are creating higher quality and healthier food for our friends, family, and community.


The responsibilities of a Pack River Farm intern may include working in the market garden, propagation house, greenhouses, establishing and maintaining an herb garden and perennial food forest, growing microgreens, assisting with Black Bear Herbary operations (harvesting and drying of herbs, tincture making, distillation for essential oils, learning about medicinal herbs), and processing produce for the farm store and farmers markets. It may also include processing herbs and produce to be made into value-added products.  


Tasks in the gardens, greenhouses, propagation house, and food forest may include seeding, transplanting, amending and preparing beds, planting, weeding, harvesting, and other manual labor. Processing produce includes properly and efficiently washing, packaging, and packing produce to go out to various markets per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Assisting in the herbary will include harvesting, preparing, and making herbal preparations. 


Our ideal candidate should have a passion for plants, soil, knowledge and interest in agriculture, growing food and herbs, and the outdoors. As well as the physical strength and stamina required to maintain this position. They also should be willing and able to work in a team setting to get things done both efficiently and with a positive attitude.


This position is full time, and interns will work 35-40 hours per week, Monday through Friday during peak season (May through October). The Pack River Farm Intern reports to the Pack River Farm Garden Manager, or when not present, the Pack River Farm Owner. 


While farming is not easy work, we value our team members and put a lot of effort into helping them learn and grow. We have a fun atmosphere that encourages responsibility, learning, and creativity. In return for your hard work, you will receive training, housing*, a stipend, produce and other food perks, diverse work experience, the opportunity to explore your passion, and respect. 


*Housing may include a bell style tent (3 meter min diameter), a tiny house style cabin (~80 sqf). Housing style is dependent on things like relationship status, medical requirements, etc. There will be a community kitchen area to keep food, cook, and enjoy meals. 


Submit your resume and cover letter to Jeamette@packriver.farm, include available start date, availability for an video or phone interview, and why you would like to work at Pack River Farm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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