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Hiring Farm Manager, Butler Georgia


The Fall Line

Butler, GA 


Reports to: Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations

About Fall Line:

Fall Line is a private, members-only golf club nestled in the scenic longleaf pine ecosystem of Mauk, Georgia. We take pride in providing an exceptional experience for our members, and part of this experience includes offering fresh, sustainably grown food on our property. Our regenerative and interactive farm plays a vital role in achieving this goal, combining innovative agricultural practices like annual no-till diversified vegetable production, syntropic agriculture, agroforestry, rotational grazing, and perennial growing to ensure the highest quality of ingredients for our guests and staff while carefully stewarding the land. 


Position Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic, hands-on Farm Manager to lead our innovative farm operation. The ideal candidate will be a capable leader with extensive experience in regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices. This role will involve overseeing all aspects of the farm, from crop planning and planting to animal management and harvesting. The Farm Manager will work closely with the on site culinary team to develop production goals, value added food processing and preservation. The Farm Manager will also have the unique opportunity to engage with our club members and guests, educating them about the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture.


Key Responsibilities:


Farm Planning and Management:

  • Manage a comprehensive farm plan that integrates annual vegetable production, no-till vegetable production, syntropic agriculture, agroforestry, rotational grazing, nursery production and perennial crop production.

  • Manage day-to-day farm operations, including planting, irrigation, pest and disease management, and harvesting.

  • Communicate with the culinary team to coordinate production and food processing & preservation.

  • Monitor and maintain soil health through sustainable practices.

  • Oversee the care of animals (when applicable) and manage rotational grazing systems.

Crop and Livestock Management:

  • In coordination with management, select appropriate crop varieties and manage planting schedules.

  • Implement organic and regenerative pest management strategies.

  • Maintain crop rotation plans to optimize soil health and diversity.


Agroforestry and Perennial Management:

  • Manage and expand the agroforestry system, including the planting and care of fruit trees, perennials, flowers and nuts..

  • Maintain perennial crops and integrate them into the overall farm plan.

Educational Outreach:

  • Engage with club members and guests, providing educational opportunities about regenerative farming practices and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

  • Lead farm tours and workshops to showcase the farm's innovative techniques.

Budget and Resource Management:

  • Develop and manage the farm budget, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

  • Oversee procurement of necessary equipment and supplies.

  • Communicate and coordinate with management and other teams on the property.


Member Services & Employee Relations

  • Upholds the brand promise of Fall Line to its current and future members as a premier full-service golf and sportsman’s club

  • Enables a world class service culture in all aspects of the member and guest experience

  • Member recognition and satisfaction will be given the highest priority in staff training and is a key metric of operational excellence. 

  • Plans his/her work schedule in order be visible and readily accessible to members and their guests when reasonable during their visits to the Club.

  • Helps to ensure that a positive, healthy, safe, and harassment-free work environment exists throughout the Club. 

  • Promotes internal staff communication across all departments to facilitate anticipatory and cohesive staff action and responses. Ensures clear channels of communications and policies to facilitate member requests to management and staff and enable prompt responses.

Financial & Resource Management: 

  • Meets annual budget for Maintenance Department. 

  • Manages inventory at reasonable levels and receives approval for all expenditures above $1,000. Receives competitive bids as appropriate.

  • Manages the cost and scope and quality of future projects associated with development of the Farm.

  • Promptly submits invoices and receipts to accounts receivable. Immediately reports any actual or expected cost over runs to the CEO. 

  • Maintains professional relationships with vendors and trades and ensures that work is assigned in accordance with The Fall Line’s best interests. Immediately reports any potential conflicts of interest concerning vendors.

  • Safeguards the Club’s property and equipment and other assets. 


Start Date: Fall/ Winter 2024 

To submit an application please complete the form at this link: Fall Line Farm Manager Form

Please contact lindsay@farmerd.com with any questions. 

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