Event Description

Biodynamic farming is one of the most effective systems known for healing our relationship with the land. Yet as biodynamic practitioners, we each have other relationships in our lives that remain unhealed - the deep wounds of slavery and indigenous genocide, alienation from our neighbors, extractive business relations, and many more. What if we could honor and mirror natural systems just as deeply in our social lives as we do in the field?

The emerging movements of healing justice and social permaculture are beginning to offer practical tools for re-creating community in nature’s image. From nourishing our own personal growth, to collaborating across diverse identities, to designing models for regenerative economic relationships, these frameworks for “social ecology” can help biodynamic growers increase our impact and find deeper fulfillment in our work.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll embody the work of healing justice and social permaculture via solo reflection, breakout groups and full group conversation. Along the way, we’ll explore how these movements can inform the biodynamic movement as a whole – as well as what biodynamics can offer in return!

Photo Credit: Broken Banjo Photography


Workshop Session B